How You Can Help

  • Families who receive our care packages 
  • Financial needs 
  • Growth; reaching more people 
  • Our events 
  • Supportive connections with the recipients of our care packages and our online audience
We need one-time and monthly donations to keep this mission alive!

We'll always be happy to receive any of the items we include in our care packages:
  • Books and other items from our Amazon Wish List
  • Joy Comes in the Morning Coloring Book: Contact us if you'd like to sponsor this item! $30 for five books. 
  • Herbal tea (not caffeinated)
  • Cocoa packets
  • Healthy, individually-wrapped (or small packages of) snacks
  • Nice reusable bags*
  • Tissue (boxes or pocket size)*
  • Colored pencils*
  • Journals (without words on the front)*
  • Bibles*
*These items can be purchased at a dollar store.

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