Thursday, September 13, 2018

What you can do for Child Loss Awareness Month 2018

Whether you've lost a child or not, you can still participate in Child Loss Awareness Month every October. Here are some ideas of things you can do:
  • Give. Click the "Donate" button below to give a one-time or monthly donation. Each October we have had successful online fundraisers for Child Loss Awareness Month. If you'd like to give in honor of a child who isn't your own, please make a note of that and we'll contact you so we can send along a special note to the family of the child.
  • Share our 2018 Child Loss Awareness campaign page with friends and family via social media or email. (Click the page name to go there).
  • Reach out to someone you know lost a child. Send a simple note saying, "I'm remembering the child you lost this month with you. I miss him, too."
  • Post on social media about Child Loss Awareness Month. Use the graphic we have here or any number of the ones we share on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Add a temporary Child Loss Awareness frame to your Facebook photo. Search for one on Google; they're easy to find, or look for one to be posted.
  • If you have lost a child, share your story, privately with a friend, or publicly. We're always looking for more stories to add to our website as resources for families who receive our packages. We don't want them to feel alone in their loss or the feelings they have.
  • Light a candle from 7-8pm on October 15 to participate in the worldwide Wave of Light in remembrance of all the children gone too soon. And, be sure to let others know you're participating!
  • Attend a child loss memorial service and/or invite a friend to one. 
  • Wear a pink and blue ribbon. Add one to your car.
Thank you for your support and consideration!

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