Monday, September 24, 2018

What items can I give that will go in care packages?

As you can see, no two care packages are exactly alike. Each one is assembled based on the grieving family's need. There are some staples for every basket though, so if you'd like to get items to go directly in a basket, here's what we need:
  • Individually-wrapped and non-perishable snacks for adults and children that are more healthy
  • Boxes of tissue
  • Packages of pocket tissue
  • Meal gift cards of at least $25
  • Herbal (non-caffeinated) tea
You may also purchase coloring book sets for $10 each from my friend Jaime who's an Usborne representative. More info to come on this!

Why these items?
When the idea of this organization was formed we sat and brainstormed about items we would have wanted or did receive that we really appreciated. Many of these items are chosen particularly to help with the immediate grief. Other items are chosen to hopefully help families heal, like books about grief and memorial jewelry.

All donations are tax-deductible.

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